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Time to explore

What better time than this self-isolation/physical distancing situation to finally do everything (or the one thing) that you always wanted to do but didn't have the time to do...

I've always love photography but didn't have enough time or money to invest in it so since I am "stuck" at home and all markets have been cancelled, I finally decided to buy my first DSLR (entry-level) camera and also bought an online course through Groupon (lots of great deals / discount right now).

I decided to use this situation as an opportunity to continue growing and exploring one of my dearest passion - Photography!

I am really exciting and looking forward all the great adventures I will have with my new camera but right now it's time to study and get better at it.

I am hoping in the future to integrate photography to Spell & Sortilège. Not sure in what capacity yet but time will say.

So expect to see more pictures in a near future...

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