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What a crazy time we are experiencing right now. Living in Canada, we are not use to see these types of crisis where essential items (or what we consider essential) are in shortage or not available.

We live in so much luxury and abundance that the mere though of not having what we want when we want make people go crazy!

It's during these times that we see the best and unfortunately the worst in people.

I cannot even start imagine what it is for people who lives in countries that have been devastated by wars and famines for years. I am sure that if they were here right now they would be so grateful for all the abundances we are living in and they would help each other instead of trying to take advantage of others.

In these times of change, I do hope people will remember that we are all in it together and that the best way to get through it, is to help each other and face it together!

Blessed Be

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